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Escape the Winter Drizzle this Christmas

The festive season can be a competitive time to book flights to warmer destinations. If you’ve left it late – whether you’re waiting to secure your leave or if the year-end snuck up on you – don’t abandon your plans; a holiday might be just the refresher you need. There is still a way to get an affordable flight without making unnecessary stopovers, queuing for hours or paying excessive prices.

Be flexible: If you can adapt your itinerary to different days of the week, even hours of the day, you can get cheaper flights. Midweek tends to be cheaper than weekends as business and family travel tends to peak on Fridays and Sundays and taper towards the hump of the week. Early morning and late night flights also tend to be less popular than more convenient times of the day.

Compare flights: Airlines price their flights according to demand, which ebbs and flows depending on a variety of factors. Once you’ve chosen your destination and itinerary, shop around for special deals and discounts, and consider booking your return flight with a different vendor. The closer you get to your date of departure, the likelier it is that airlines will release special deals to encourage people to keep the peak season lasting for longer.

With a touch of creativity, you can book a holiday this festive season and escape the winter drizzle.

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