Find the Best of the Best

Plenty of blogs, including this one, will offer you lists’ of the best this and the best that. If a community or culture is famous for something, there is a writer on the internet who thinks that you should visit the spot that they enjoy the most. But their opinion isn’t always one you should follow. So rather than give you another list of the top ten whatever you need to see on your next holiday, we’ve decided to help you pick the best – this way you can enjoy the sense of adventure you get when going somewhere completely unknown.

First, follow the locals. Now it would be a bit creepy if you hung out in the office district of a town and just followed large groups of people to their local bar or restaurant when they get off work. But you should do something similar: when you’re out, try to spot where the locals congregate. A crowded shop filled with citizens is likely to give you the best and most authentic experience.

Second, ask the shop-keep, waiter, or bartender what they serve the most of. If it’s the most popular, it usually means that it’s also the best that the place has. Also, ask your server what they like. You can often find undiscovered gems this way.

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