Google Preparing Touch Chromebook Before End of 2012

Microsoft is not the only one who believes touch-screen laptop are a wise decision, this indicates. Google is reportedly preparing a touch-enabled Chromebook for the end of 2012, and may even offer it under its own product.

Google has requested 20 thousand units of the product from its Taiwan-based producer, Compal, the Chinese suppliers Periods reviews. The review says the dimension the transaction indicates it’s “tentative,” though it’s probably a reasonable dimension for Chromebooks, which have not been big suppliers for Google. Revenue have so far been so little that NPD, a analysis organization that actions sales of gadgets, does not even hassle referring to them.

A contact Chromebook showcases what Microsoft has done in Microsoft windows 8 — placing touch-screen capabilities into the “traditional” type aspect of a laptop. However, it’s uncertain if Google will change Chrome OS on the new device to better work with touch as Microsoft did with Microsoft windows. Or it could be the first item to run both Android operating system and Chrome, or a combined edition of both (it’s been said Google is preparing to merge the two OSes).

Also unclear: Whether or not it will be a “hybrid” style, one that can be used as both a tablet or a laptop, just like the Lenovo Yoga or Dell XPS 12. Such novel styles usually add a top quality, however, and since value costs is a obvious concern for the Chromebook range (the most latest gadgets offer as low as $199), it’s possible Google will opt for a easy laptop with a touchscreen technology, just like the Acer Aspire S7.

The review says Google could launch the new Chromebook as beginning as Dec, though the last 30 days of the year is usually considered as a bad time to launch a new item.

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