My Web Rank Report

I wasn’t planning on doing an article about this website’s rank against other blogs anytime soon, but today I punched my URL into and saw this. ^^

The Details

1,568,883 worldwide

58,472 in Australia

and 202,440 in the United States

Now What?

I’m going to make those numbers go down every month for the next year and see what happens.  My goal is to someday be in the top 10,000, but more importantly have people reading my blog.  So far I’ve been very happy to see that the average time a person spends on my articles is around 5 minutes. I’ve never had a site that reported time stats that high before.  I know that people what to hear what I have to say and most of the time they have something to say back to me.

I have been visiting all the top blogs about internet marketing and reading/learning myself.  I’ve also been engaging in conversations in the comments section more too.  I’m finally … breaking out of my shell I guess you could say.

How do you fit in?

Join in the community of learning here on the blog.  If you have a question, feel free to ask – I check my blog for comments a lot!  If you have a blog be sure to enter your URL and the CommentLuv plugin I have installed will post a link to your last blog post below your comment.  This will help get the link juice flowing for both of our blogs and keep the internet goin’ round for years to come.  If you like to write basic tutorials about working online feel free to contact meabout doing a guest post here.

The Plan

I will be posting 2 articles each week to teach you some basic skills about making money online and using your blog for benefit years down the road.  I’ll also be posting random times to report in about the progress of this blog in search engines.  If you’ve just started blogging – this would be a great time to subscribe to my posts via email in the bottom right of the page.  Just enter your email address and you’ll get an ad free version of the posts in your inbox everyday.

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