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Niagara Falls for the Non-Tourist

Niagara Falls, majestic as it is, remains one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. With approximately 12 million tourists visiting the falls each year, the sheer masses of people swarming around the vantage points are easily enough to spoil the experience for others. If you don’t like tourists, or you simply avoid behaving like a stereotypical tourist when you travel, read on for tips to get the most out of your experience.

Visit the Canadian Side

If you’re going to go to a place like the falls, make sure you have the best view of it. The view from the United States just doesn’t have the ‘oomph’ that the Canadian side does. From Ontario, you can see both the American and Horseshoe falls, and get the best photo ops.

Explore the Region

When you’re there, don’t just see the falls. Sure, they’re beautiful, but they’re just one of the things that make Niagara Falls such a beautiful place. The city is touristy, but the walking trails around the waterways are absolutely stunning. Take a walk down to view the whirlpool, and marvel at the ferocity of the water (and the lack of tourists!).

Niagara-On-The-Lake is a stunning wine region about 20 minutes from Niagara Falls and a must-visit for anyone in the area. With a quaint city centre, and wineries that produce the best ice wine in the world, this area is lesser known to the tourist population, and well worth a visit.

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