Shopping in Thailand

If you have ever had a list of top destinations to go shopping in, Thailand should most certainly be among the top candidates, if not at the top. With a variety ranging from hyper shopping malls, down to street markets, there is literally something for anyone and everyone in this shopping paradise. While there are many more shopping ‘venues’ across Thailand, here are a few that you will be sure to enjoy in Bangkok.

Street and Weekend Markets

Street markets can be found all over Bangkok, offering a vast variety of anything from clothing to small gadgets. While you may not always find something you want to buy, just shopping around at these little stalls is an experience in itself. It’s a lot more interactive as well, because, unlike high-street shops, it is very common to barter over the price of products. For this reason alone it is a good idea to learn numbers in Thai so that you don’t come across as a complete foreigner. Street markets, however, are only scratching the surface of stall shopping. If you want to have the ultimate market shopping experience, head over to the Chatuchak weekend market. With well over five thousands stalls selling quite literally everything you could imagine and daily visitors of almost a quarter million shoppers, you really can shop till you drop.

Giant Shopping Malls with Indoor Rollercoasters

You’ll find a host of giant shopping malls in Thailand, some of which are specifically dedicated to clothing, such as MBK, and others that are full of shops solely selling computer related goods. Seacon Square, which is a favourite among many, is half a kilometre in length and boasts half a million square meters of shopping area. It’s so big that it even has a rollercoaster inside that goes through many of the shops.

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