There’s More to Ibiza than Meets the Eye

Ibiza is the third-largest island in the Balearic Island archipelago off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. Well known for its bars, cafes and night clubs, the island also hosts festivals and music events that see partygoers flocking to its popular resorts every summer.

Ibiza’s tourism office has been working to prove that the island’s has more to offer than just parties. It was once an ancient trading post for Phoenician settlers and Romans who collected dyes, salt, fish and wool on their way past the island. The old city of Ibiza town, accessed by the mighty Portal de Ses Taules which is flanked by grand Roman statues, has a variety of old cathedrals and architecture within its winding, steep cobbled streets.

In fact, much of the island’s beaches and landscapes are protected by UNESCO against development. For example, Benirràs Bay is pristine, secluded beach surrounded by pine-covered hills and flanked by pebbly rocks. Its natural beauty makes it a popular destination for photographers, filmmakers and artists. A monument on Saint Antoni erected in memory of Christopher Columbus (after a legend about balancing an egg during a bet), is reportedly said to signify the explorer’s birthplace.

Browse holidays to Ibiza and discover that there’s a lot more to this Spanish island getaway than dining and clubbing until sun-up.

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