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Traveling With Children Made Easy

Traveling with young children can either be a nightmare full of stress and anger or a dream that both you and your kids will remember for a lifetime. Meals, airplane seating, crowded environments, and long days are all risky and stressful situations – especially when you mix in children. But there are a few things you can do to keep your kids comfortable and quiet while you get to you holiday destination.

First: keep them full. This means, of course, a little bit extra in the way of planning and time allotted but it will be worth it for your peace of mind. Just like modern prisons feed their inmates high calorie, high carb, and high fat meals to keep them sluggish and sleepy, you can do the same with your kids. Biscuits and gravy for breakfast, fried chicken for lunch – you get the idea. Just avoid sugar.

Second: if you’re children are toddlers then keep them on a leash. You can buy harness and leash sets for your little explorers that hook on to your belt and keep them from wandering more than a few feet. This will be important when you need to go through check in and security.

Third: keep your kids entertained. Portable dvd players and a stack of Disney films, when combined with step one, will have them sitting happily or napping through an entire flight. Make sure to remember head-phones!

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