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Using Common Sense While Traveling

There’s nothing worse than people being reckless and acting disrespectfully when they are tourists in another country. In most cases common sense will quite easily get you through your travels no matter what country you are in, so here are a few tips that will help you out:

Keep your Belongings Safe

Everywhere you go you’ll have thieves and pickpockets, some of whom are extremely skilful. Tourist areas in particular are notorious for them and it’s for good reason tour guides often remind you to carry your valuables in a way that they can’t be snatched or taken out of your pocket. Yet, all too often people ignore this advice, to their detriment. If you’re going out, take as little with you as possible, especially when it comes to money, and make sure it’s hidden and properly attached to you.

Being Respectful of Cultures

Every country has something that is unique to them and in some cases this can be a question of manners. If it’s a neighbouring country you are going to, more often than not you won’t notice any significant difference, however, if you are traveling from the US to Asia be sure to look up cultural differences beforehand to avoid any potential problems. In Thailand for example, it is rude point the soles of your feet at other people or to mistreat anything that has the King’s face on it, including money. So stepping on a coin or putting notes into your sock should be something to avoid. That said, as long as you are polite and courteous, and respect the fact that you are visiting someone else’s home country, you should be fine.

Steering Clear of Dodgy Places

Avoiding dodgy places is something that shouldn’t even need to be explained, yet all too often tourists end up in the wrong part of town and wonder where they went wrong. If a place even hints of a rough neighbourhood, just assume that you’re not mean to be there and head back to an area that seems safer. Unless you are with someone local that knows the area, there’s no reason you should be heading down a dark alleyway in pursuit of something interesting.

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