Vegas, Baby!

Las Vegas is one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit – if you fall for the casinos tricks. But if you have a few of your own tricks up your sleeve and practice a little common sense you can have a great time in Vegas and come out with your pockets full.

First, skip the tables. If you want to gamble, stick to the penny machines. Many of these have progressive payouts of millions of dollars and a day spent playing them won’t tap you out – unlike tables with large dollar antes. Better yet, don’t gamble at all: there is a reason these casinos and games exist – to get your monies.

Second, book your hotel online. Most of the resorts are planning on taking all your money on the gaming floor. To do this, they will offer you giant suites at drastic discounts just to get you in the door. Take advantage of this. You can even find absolutely free hotel rooms for the weekend if you book your room at the right time.

If you want to tie one on, bring your own booze. Alcohol is free for gamblers – all it will cost you is the money you’re betting. This, of course can add up quick. Instead, bring a bottle and flask with you. You can drink openly on the streets so why buy overpriced drinks or lose the house gambling for a whiskey when you can carry your own with you?

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