Wooden Apple Macbook and MacbookPro cases

So you’re the owner of the fancy MacBook and want to make your MacBook stand out from the rest of the crowd? Rainer Spell has something for you. Though it is certainly not going to please the tree huggers who don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to protecting all things natural. This new MacBook case is made of wood and the insides are lined with leather. Wow! Talk about being insensitive..

Designed by Rainer Spell, these custom made wooden slip cases are specially designed to fit the widely popular 13 inch MacBooks and the 15 inch MacBook Pros. But, we feel that the users are not going to appreciate these “boxes” as they seem quite uncomfortable to move around and also do not look hip or stylish in any sense of the word because it’s still a box!

There is no comment on the price of this wooden MacBook case, but we are sure it won’t be anywhere affordable. Some will love it and some will hate it. We are firmly in the latter group!

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