Yaba, The Crazy Drug of Thailand

Yaba or (ya ba) is the term that the Thai’s use for methamphetamine and it is referred to as the crazy drug as many of the users behave crazy when they are on it. The drug in Thailand is usually a mixture of meth and caffeine and mostly comes in the form of a reddish or orange pill.

The drug is popular in the nightlife districts of Thailand where bar girls and go go dancers take them to stay up all night and to keep themselves slim. Some dealers of yaba, like to promote the drug as a skin whitener to Thai women, as many Thai women have an obsession with trying to look white and the drug is known to make your skin look more white and pasty.

Many workers in Thailand take yaba so they can work all day and night without stopping and some even work for 48 hours without a break. This often has terrible consequences in the long run, as the energy that the drug once gave them, wears off and they find themselves taking more to perform the same way as they once did. The effects of not getting enough sleep also have a devastating impact and it catches up with them before long.

The damaging effects of yaba are just as bad as meth and most users in Thailand smoke it which is the most toxic way to take it. Smoking yaba can cause severe physiological problems when used for long enough and many users who have been on it for a while, have depression and psychosis and suffer from paranoid delusions. The fumes from burning the drug, make it more toxic and accelerate the negative effects. The drug is also very addictive and users can have severe withdrawals when they don’t take it. Yaba is also swallowed, snorted and even injected. Injecting a substance such as this is very dangerous, as it goes strait into the bloodstream and one can easily overdose.

A long term yaba user looks the same as a long term meth user and there are the signs of pasty and scabby looking skin and muscle wasting.

In 2003, the Thai government cracked down hard on yaba usage and went on a killing spree of suspected drug dealers. More than 2000 people were killed in a 3 month period by the police and none of the killings were ever investigated. The crackdown didn’t stop the problem, it made the price to buy the drug go up.

Some tourists who come to Thailand also take yaba and although the risks and penalties of getting caught as a foreigner is high, there are still some that are stupid enough to take the risk. Touristy areas such as Koh Phangan are where the Full Moon Party is held and the usage of yaba here is high and the tourists feel as though they are safe from getting caught as there are so many people around all partying. Many tourists have been caught with yaba and receive a jail sentence and a large fine.

Even drinking from the buckets at the Full Moon Party can get you into trouble, as some of them are known to be spiked with yaba to make you drink more. The police in Thailand only have to get you to have a urine test for you to go to jail for yaba. If the test shows up as positive, your a goner and it doesn’t matter if you have had your drink spiked or not, the police wont be interested, so it’s important to make sure you minimize your chances of a drink spiking anywhere in Thailand, as it could have yaba in it.

Remember to stay away from any illicit drugs in Thailand, as you could be spending a lot of time in jail for even a small amount of drugs

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